Suvelaager - Registreerimine ja Maksmine
Summer Camp - Registration and Payment

LIIVALOSS Suvelaager Järvemetsal
July 1- 9  2023
Gaidlaagri juht
ngdr. Lia Triantafylidis
Skautlaagri juht
nskm. Andrus Maandi
Step 1: Registration:
Pay Online with Credit Card or PayPal:
add cart items for all family members to
pay in one transaction
Items Prices
beginning May 13
Family Member 1 $475
Family Member 2 $455
Family Member 3 and above $435
Part-time 1st night $100
Part-time each extra night -$50
Gaidide Malev Dues (per person) -$20
Skautide Malev Dues (per person) -$20
Camp Maintenance fee per family (required unless worked at pre-camp cleanup weekends; i.e talgud)
-$100 per family
Step 2: Payment options:
Pay by Mail